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Helping keep Fulham fed

Community Care is an initiative run entirely by our 300+ volunteers. Our aim is to provide delivery to those in self-isolation, to stop the spread of Covid-19.  Some of our neighbours in Fulham will require more support given the pressures this virus has imposed onto our community.


We have set up a fundraiser, geared towards supporting those who need further financial assistance to provide essential foods and goods that they would otherwise be unable to provide. 

Businesses supporting the NHS

Our NHS is under pressure, and needs our support. Community Care has teamed up with local businesses providing a platform to help raise funds to support our NHS. Choose from a selection of donated virtual classes to help keep fit and happy during isolation. 

Half of all donations from our fundraiser will go directly to the NHS, the other half to Feed Fulham. 



Option 1: Donate directly

This does not include a virtual class voucher. 

50% of all donations will go directly to the NHS

The other 50% will go towards feeding Fulham

99% of all fundraised donations will go directly to feed those less fortunate. The remaining 1% helps fund the basic costs of running our initiative.

How do we determine who is in need?

Community Care works with various other charities and schools to help determine which families are in need of extra support in Fulham. St.Eth's has played a key role with connecting Community Care to our community, with its ongoing projects with local schools, amongst other key family organisations within the community.



Option 2: Donate + Virtual Class

Choose from a selection of classes, donated by local business. 

Would your local business like to help support?

We are looking for local-to-Fulham Volunteers to help those key workers, self-isolated and vulnerable during COVID-19. Our team connects volunteers to those self-isolated nearest to them. 


Goods before cash! Never give payment before you receive your goods. Our volunteers take every safety precaution, and will also keep a 2-metre distance to protect you both!

Join our Community Care team today!





T: 02077363809

E: communitycare@stethsfulham.org







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