Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does Community Care do?

Community Care aims is to provide Fulham with safe delivery of goods, foods and prescriptions for key workers and anyone who feels isolated during COVID-19. The project will continue as long as there is need in Fulham.


Who started Community Care?

One afternoon in early March, a small group of concerned neighbours got together, discussing ways they could help support their community during COVID-19. Isolation was a reoccurring worry, so they brainstormed a plan in which they could lessen the impact of those in self-isolation, and to support our key workers. ‘Community Care’ was born, and the small team quickly grew to over 300 dedicated volunteers across the borough of Fulham, London.


How does Community Care support itself?

The project is run entirely by volunteers and donations, supported by St Eths Fulham and other local business partners. No one is profiting from this initiative. 


What is Community Cares impact?

Community Care delivers over 200 groceries and prescription runs each week, using our dedicated 300+ volunteer base. To date, we have donated £2,000 to Glass Door Homeless Charity, and £2,000 to the Food Bank, and this is only the beginning.


To keep up to date with our latest work, follow us on Instagram 

How do you coordinate your work effort with other aid agencies, to avoid duplicated services?

Community Care has partnered up with several local businesses,  charities and peer networks, sharing volunteers and resources as our community requires – we are all in this together. As we are a goods delivery service, we try to find partners who can help fill our gaps in areas such as free/discounted meals, free pantries, or anything else that fits our ethos of keeping those most vulnerable in our community fed and connected. 


If you work for a local business, charity, non-profit, or peer network, and would like to partner up, please contact us at


How can I donate?

You can donate by visiting our donations page found here.

Please share our message once you have donated to help spread the word to keep our project going.

We also accept cash or cheque's, posted or put through the mailbox directly at The Vicarage, Doneraile Street, London SW6 6EL.


Where do donations go?

Money raised will go towards essential items of groceries⁺ and the running costs as they arise. Nobody is profiting, and any excess in donations after the COVID-19 situation will be donated to Glass Door Homeless Charity and Hammersmith and Fulham Foodbank.  


How can I volunteer?

You can volunteer by registering with us here

and by joining our WhatsApp group from your mobile device


What volunteer opportunities are there?

Volunteer opportunities vary, but may include working our phone lines, delivering flyers, community awareness leaders, delivering goods to a local-to-you key worker or isolated person.

I’d like my food company listed on your website. 

If you deliver to the Fulham area, we would be happy to include your business on our website list found here:


Please email with your businesses name, contact details, and description of goods.


I want to start Community Care in my borough

We would be happy to provide you with a start-up guideline package. Please email with your request.


Who is eligible to receive delivery? 

If you live in Fulham and are vulnerable or feel isolated, or are a key worker* as described by the governments guidelines found here, and would like support, you are eligible. 


How do I sign up?

You can sign up by registering yourself on our website by clicking here, or alternatively by emailing, or calling us at 02077363809


What can I order?

You can order any sort of essential goods that you require to get you by, including groceries, prescription delivery, home sanitary and toiletries. We cannot deliver alcohol, cigarettes, or illegal substances. Please keep in mind the effort your volunteer will go through to get your goods delivered, so we ask no small snack runs (i.e. crisps and a soda), but can absolutely add snacks to a larger grocery run when you require. If you are unsure, you are more than welcome to email us at

How long until I’m connected with a volunteer?

Our aim is to contact you back within 24 hours from your request. If you require urgent delivery, we will prioritize your request and connect you right away. 


How long until I receive my goods?

For non-urgent goods delivery, you can expect a 24-72 hour delivery, or as agreed between you and your volunteer.

For a specified urgent delivery, we will do our best to get your goods delivered the same or next day.


How do I pay?

Payment is pre-arranged and agreed between you and your local volunteer buddy. Many people choose direct bank transfers, some use PayPal. Please note, that you should never pay for goods before you receive your items. 

How is safety considered?

To ensure safety of our volunteer and person being aided, we have a zero-contact policy, and require that everyone stays a minimum of 2-metres distance at all times. Gloves and facemasks may be worn, and our volunteers must at all times keep clean hands, and must not show any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 as described on the NHS’s website.


Goods before cash – at no time will you be required to pay for your goods before you receive them. Please review upon delivery and pay directly after.**


Can I order more than once?

You can order as many times as you require. Once you are paired with a local-to-you volunteer, this will become your ‘Community Care Buddy,’ and your relationship will continue as long as you require and is agreed with your assigned volunteer. 

I don't live in London, but a family/friend who is vulnerable does?

Even if you don't live in our area, you can absolutely apply for someone who is. 

Visit our Get Help Now registration page to register yourself, or someone you know who needs help.

I need mental health support, can you help me?

Community Care is not set up to help support those with serious mental health needs, but we can provide you with a list of those in our community who can.**⁺ At anytime you don't feel well, know that it's OK to reach out for help.

Visit our Other Support Information page for a list of mental health providers.


*Key workers who live outside of Fulham but work in the borough are eligible for our service. A Community Care Volunteer will meet you with the goods you request at your place of work. Our 2-metre rule will apply no matter the location of delivery. 

⁺Donations used towards supporting families in need are capped at one purchase only. This money is only meant to be used to fill in the gaps between other formal organisations support. In order to qualify, you must be given reference by an authority figure with a personal connection to you, who is not in your direct family, and whom holds a higher level duty of care based on their professional position. This may include your local school headmaster, Gp, priest, social worker, or anyone else that can give formal reference. We do not require or as for details  including income, health, or any other form of private matter.

**If at any time a community care volunteer or person being aided feels their needs are not being met, or feels unsafe, their relationship must immediate discontinue and a Community Care Admin person must be contacted to access the situation.

**⁺Volunteers must let a Community Care Admin staff know if any of the person(s) they are partnered up with to aid are in significant need of mental health assistance.


We are looking for local-to-Fulham Volunteers to help those key workers, self-isolated and vulnerable during COVID-19. Our team connects volunteers to those self-isolated nearest to them. 


Goods before cash! Never give payment before you receive your goods. Our volunteers take every safety precaution, and will also keep a 2-metre distance to protect you both!

Join our Community Care team today!





T: 02077363809








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